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Doula Services Provide for Safe Pregnancy and Deliveries: Voice Your Support of HB 142 Today!

Doula Services Provide for Safe Pregnancy and Deliveries: Voice Your Support of HB 142 Today!

May 25, 2022

By Kelly Vyzral, Senior Health Policy Associate

Children’s Defense Fund Ohio is very excited to announce that members of the House Families, Aging, and Human Services Committee voted HB 142, Medicaid Coverage of Doula Services, out of committee on Friday, May 20.  This is an important step in addressing Ohio’s poor maternal and infant health outcomes. Allowing women with Medicaid coverage to access doula care services is a proven evidence-based way to improve both maternal and infant health.

  • The doula’s goal and role is to help the client feel safe, emotionally supported, and comfortable, complementing the role of the healthcare professionals who provide the client’s medical care.
  • The doula’s role is critical in mitigating stress and toxic stress levels that can be experienced by an expectant mom during pregnancy.
  • The use of a doula was shown to decrease preterm births (a leading cause of infant mortality), reduce delivery rates by cesarean section, and improve a baby’s APGAR score.

HB 142 is awaiting a vote before the full House and will then move to the Ohio Senate.

It is critical that the legislature hear from you this week about the importance of this bill to the health of mothers and babies in Ohio, and this can be done with three phone calls.

  1. Call Rules and Reference Chair Richard Finan (614.466.9624) and Vice Chair Tim Ginther (614.466.8022) and urge them to put HB 142 on the calendar for a vote before the summer recess.
  2. Call your state representative and urge them to stand up for healthy mothers and babies in Ohio by voting “yes” on HB 142. If you need help determining your state representative, you can find that information

If you would like more information please contact Kelly Vyzral, Senior Health Policy Associate at


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