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Brigid Kelly

Advisory Board Member

Brigid Kelly

Born and raised in Norwood, Brigid Kelly learned early on the importance of a strong community.

Brigid attended Saint Ursula Academy, earned an undergraduate degree from Xavier University, and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati.  As a former city council member in Norwood and current representative for men and women at the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), Brigid wants to build on the experience she’s gained from both her professional and personal life to help improve the lives of everyday Ohioans.

For over a decade Brigid has been fighting for members of UFCW, their families, and our communities. She works on a daily basis for issues like good wages, affordable health care benefits, and safe places to work.

As state representative, Brigid Kelly focused on ensuring that our children received the best education by making investments in local schools, holding corporations accountable for taxpayer investments, and pursuing policies important to families, like paid sick and family leave. And now as Hamilton County Auditor she plans to continue the work of improving the lives of her constituents by prioritizing transparency and fighting for consumers.

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